Outdoor Burning

All outdoor burning requires a current and valid burn permit.

  1. You must have a valid and current burn permit on hand and avaliable upon request.
    Burn permits are required for any outdoor burning within King County Fire District #50 and are valid for one year from date of issue.

  2. One fire is allowed.
    Fire size must not be greater than 4ft x 4ft x 3ft including flame size.

  3. The use of Burn Barrels to burn anything is prohibited by law throughout the state of Washington.

  4. Construct a fire break to mineral soil 10 (ten) feet wide around the material to be burned prior to lighting fire.

  5. There must be a setback of 50 (fifty) feet from structures and utilities including overhaning branches and other objects.
    The fire must also be a minimum of 500 (five hundred) feet from any forest slash.

  6. Have a minimum of one person capable of extinguishing the fire in attendance at the fire while burning.

  7. Provide the following:

  8. Permittee must not leave the fire unattended until the fire is fully extinguished and cold.

  9. Do not burn if wind is from any direction and/or is blowing more than 0 (zero) miles per hour.

  10. The fire may contain only natural vegitation from your own property or cut fire wood.
    The fire must not include:

  11. Any fire which contains materials other than those listed above, or which creates dense smoke or offensive odors, requires written permission from the local air pollution authority or the Department of Ecology.

  12. If the fire creates a nusiance, from smoke or fly ash, it must be extinguished.

  13. This permit may be suspended or canceled by the Skykomish Fire Department / King County Fire District #50 when deemed necessary for the protection of life, property or air quality.

  14. No Burning Durning Burn Ban.
    For information concerning burn bans dial:
    (800) 323-BURN (2876)

  15. The permittee agrees to furnish sufficient persons and equipment at his/her expense to supress the fire if it escapes from any cause and to pay the Fire Department and/or other approved fire fighting agency, for all reasonable expenses inccured in such supression, unless such hiring and furnishing equipment and payment of expenses are otherwise provided for by law.

  16. Other -- Puget Sound Clean Air, Air Quality Info Line:
    (800) 595-4341