Smoke Alarms
What is a smoke alarm?
A smoke alarm is a small device for detecing smoke and alerting people near by.
Smoke alarm and fire facts.
What kind of smoke alarms are there?
There are three (3) basic types of smoke alarm on the market. Some smoke alarms also include a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector in the same unit.
All smoke alarms alert near by people with a loud alarm sound.

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What about smoke alarms for the disabled?
Smoke alarms are available for people with disabilties which will flash a strobe light and/or vibrate in addition to sounding an alarm.
Where can I get a smoke alarm?
Smoke alarms can be purchased at most hardware and department stores.
Even some grocery stores and pharmacies stock smoke alarms.
How many smoke alarms do I need?
It is recommened that you have one smoke alarm for each level of your home (including basements and garages),
one near any bedrooms, one inside each bedroom.

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How should I install my smoke alarms?
Smoke alarms should be positioned on the celing or high on the wall in the areas where they are needed.
Smoke alarms should be positioned at least ten (10) feet away from any cooking appliances, wood stoves or fireplace to prevent false alarms.
Batteries should be placed in the smoke alarm prior to installation. The smoke alarm should be tested once installation has been completed.
Battery operated smoke alarms are usually mounted with screws to the wall, always be sure to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.
Smoke alarms which are wired into the home's electrical should only be installed by a qualified licensed electrician.
How often should I check my smoke alarms?
Smoke alarms should be tested at least once each month.
Test the smoke alarm by pressing the "Test" button.
Check the smoke alarm for damage or wear.
Batteries should be replaced every six (6) months or as needed.
Smoke alarms should be replaced when broken or every 10 years.

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